About Us

Coffee Isn’t The Only Thing We Deliver

Fresh & Reddy offers a range of comprehensive supply services with a strong focus on our customers and our coffee division. This includes coffee machines, beans, equipment maintenance, as well as offering fruit, milk, cleaning products, tea, dry goods and snacks, all delivered directly to your office or break room areas. Just let us know what you need and we will take care of the rest!

Our Promise

Always Fresh. Always Ready.

Our Mission

Be the fuel that
inspires your workplace.

Core Values

Values are our checklist with which we measure and make every decision. Here’s ours, everyone we believe in, and work hard to achieve.

Extraordinary Service

This is our favourite part of the business. Meeting you, and meeting (perhaps exceeding) your expectations.

Nice People, with Nice Smiles

We believe that a smile changes everything. Our culture, and hiring practices, are built on this MO.

New Ideas & Innovation

A learning bunch, we love exploring, learning, and discovering better ways to do things with, and for, you.

Quality Ingredients

Fresh, top-drawer coffee, teas, water, and munchy-crunchies makes workers happy, inspires new things, even starts dance parties (we love dance parties btw).

Happiness = Wellness

Both nice words, both ideas we believe and invest in.

Honesty & Integrity

These days its hard to trust everything you read on the internet. This website is an exception. 🙂

One Last One: Doing the Right Thing (aka Sustainability)

Fresh and Reddy Refreshment Services is committed to Balance, the Fresh and Reddy initiative emphasizing moderation and encouraging healthier lifestyle choices. Balance links elements of wellness, sustainability and humanity, supporting lifestyles and behaviors that can be maintained for the long term. Balance offers healthier choices, promotes active living and delivers information and decision essentials that enable customers to make knowledgeable choices.

We also offer our clients coffee products that promote humane and sustainable business practices within our industry through a wide variety of socially and ecologically certified coffees.

Swiss Water: Decaf Coffee

Swiss Water® is an innovative company that uses pure water to gently remove caffeine. Their 100% chemical free process decaffeinates coffee in small batches. They can remove caffeine from very select amounts of Specialty Coffee.

At Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee, our commitment to a better cup of coffee goes further than decaffeination. By supporting causes that impact water conservation, as well as the health of the people and communities where our coffee is grown, we believe in not just taking caffeine out, but contributing to sustainable coffee production everywhere.

Some of our Certifications Include:

Fair Trade Logo

Fair Trade

This labor certification guarantees farmers a minimum price for their products and links farmers directly with importers, creating long-term sustainability.

Dejong Duke Neo


Coffee sold as certified organic is produced under the standards developed by the National Organic Program.

Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance

This non-governmental agency works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land use and business practices.

Certified B Corp

Certified B Corporation

A new kind of business that balances purpose and profit, legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

As an office of serious coffee drinkers and a business that has a deep belief in sustainability, we needed to move up from our over-worked domestic coffee machine as the office grew in size. A coffee tasting of locally roasted coffees instantly won over our team. We now rely on them to provide the coffee and water solutions for our new HQ in Vancouver.

– Fresh & Reddy Customer

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