Artisan Tea

Experience what all the fuss is about.

Try our handcrafted signature blends. Whether you are looking to get going in the morning or relax during the day, Fresh & Reddy has the perfect blend of loose leaf tea waiting for you when you get to the office.

Genuine Tea House Experience

Health Drink

Tea, especially green tea has been shown in studies to play a role in treating illness.

Great Add On To Coffee

Superior tea options make you stand out to employees and a great retention tool.

Trendy Options

Tea is becoming more and more popular as the go-to beverage, beyond coffee.

Diversified Flavours

Quality leaves and herbal extracts inspire our over 150 flavours of loose leaf blends.

Office Morale

Tea has a way with people and is a great morale booster for employees.

All Day Beverage

With various ingredients and coffee levels, hot tea service can deliver that customized hot beverage solution that “WOW’S”

Fresh & Reddy Tea Tins

Custom Fresh & Reddy tea tins provided free of charge.

Tea Brands We Offer

As an office of serious coffee drinkers and a business that has a deep belief in sustainability, we needed to move up from our over-worked domestic coffee machine as the office grew in size. A coffee tasting of locally roasted coffees instantly won over our team. We now rely on them to provide the coffee and water solutions for our new HQ in Vancouver.

– Fresh & Reddy Customer

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