Water & Sparkling Water

Drink Up

One of the most basic components of a healthy diet is also one of the simplest: water. It’s estimated that water makes up approximately two-thirds of the human body and that we should drink six to eight glasses a day. That’s a lot of water, so let’s make it the absolute best, mineral-rich aqua you can hydrate with. Drink up!

Fresh & Reddy Refreshment Services provides pure, convenient sources of water right in your break room!

Our equipment is available in the following:

  • Point of use water Purification Systems
  • Point of use Sparkling Purification Systems
  • Awesome 18.9L Jugs

Our water services give you a variety of options to treat your employees and guests to great-tasting water. Start making better-tasting coffee and tea today!

Featured Equipment

Ion Water Dispenser

Introducing the ION, the exciting new alternative to bottled water and soft drinks. Pure water refreshment at the touch of a button. At the source of every delicious sip is ION’s exclusive CarbonPro filter, reducing a wide range of contaminants, transforming ordinary tap water into a reliable source of endless enjoyment.

Quench your thirst anytime with a variety of healthy beverages — icy cold still water, piping hot water to warm you on cold days, or the bubbly effervescence of Sparkling Water. Leave the heavy bottles and sugary soft drinks behind, and start enjoying the unlimited possibilities of the simple, pure, refreshment that is ION.

The all-in-one beverage service

Bevi is more than just a smart water machine. Hooking up to an existing water line, Bevi provides customizable pours of still, sparkling, and flavored water on demand. (Pure filtered water included.) This smart water dispenser is also internet-connected and automatically notifies Bevi technicians when a machine needs servicing.

Standup Bevi

The flagship floor-standing unit, Standup Bevi is the perfect addition to your fully stocked kitchen. Occupying only 4 square feet of floor space, the Standup Bevi is an eye-catching way to keep everyone healthy and hydrated.

Countertop Bevi

Countertop Bevi’s hidden beauty lies in the fact that its plumbing and hardware are integrated into your kitchen’s base cabinets, leaving only the sleek, compact dispensing unit visible on the countertop. Simply put: it’s sleek enough for any kitchen design. NOTE: The Countertop Bevi’s hardware must be installed in the base cabinet space below the dispenser.

As an office of serious coffee drinkers and a business that has a deep belief in sustainability, we needed to move up from our over-worked domestic coffee machine as the office grew in size. A coffee tasting of locally roasted coffees instantly won over our team. We now rely on them to provide the coffee and water solutions for our new HQ in Vancouver.

– Fresh & Reddy Customer

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